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Below, please find Fequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about SteelSole® Protective Insoles. We update this page with new question for your convience. If you have a question that is not listed below, or need any help. Please email us or

How does SteelSole® help people suffering from diabetes?

SteelSole® insoles can be placed on top of your existing insole or you may remove the existing insole and place it in your shoe. Since SteelSole® has a thin steel membrane, many diabetics buy and use our product to protect their feet from accidental puncture wounds. This unique and affordable protection that SteelSole® offers is especially crucial to people suffering from diabetes due to the consequences that result if a diabetic were to step on a nail without protection.

“A must have for diabetics…I just ordered and received my second pair. I’m sure that these insoles will one day be a “foot saver”. Yes, perhaps even a diabetic’s life!”- Erik J.

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SteelSole® Puncture Resistant Insoles

Can SteelSole® Be Used In My Casual Footwear?

Yes! Actually, SteelSole® insoles can be placed right on top of your existing insole or you may remove the existing insole and place the insole in your shoe. Some people choose to wear them all the time and some people wear them just when they feel there may be puncture wound risks. It’s really up to you 🙂

What sizes do SteelSole® Insoles Come In?

In order to keep our pricing competitive, we currently only carry four(4) sizes; Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large. Generally the Small or Medium will fit most women, and the Medium and Large will fit most men. We will be offering more sizes in the future and your request for different sizes and shape modifications will not go unheard. We take all feature requests very seriously and seek to provide the best in Protective Footwear.

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SteelSole SIZE Measurements

What Materials Are SteelSole® Made With?

The current model available today is comprised of 3 layers.

Top Layer – Durable long lasting Dacron Polyester Fabric for comfort and support.

Protection Layer – Stainless Steel inner layer is 0.5mm thick for the ultimate in puncture resistant protection.

Sole Layer – Flexible EVA vinal has low temperature toughness, stress-crack resistance & waterproof properties. It also provides anti-bacterial protection with its breathable properties.

How Much Do SteelSole® Insoles Cost?

SteelSole™ Puncture Resistant Insoles are very affordable at $19.99

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