SteelSole® Puncture Resistant Inserts for casual and industrial footwear, are a great way to protect your feet from accidental puncture wounds commonly caused by sharp objects that you may step on. SteelSole® offers protection for your sole, like SteelToe Boots offer for your toes. Your feet are critical for mobility, keep them safe and protect them with SteelSole®.
SteelSole® Puncture Resistant Inserts offer orthotic comfort and support with our patent pending design. SteelSole® are designed to offer maximum flexibility. You won’t even know you are wearing them unless you step on a nail and realize your feet are protected 🙂 Help reduce fatigue by both reducing worry commonly associated with stepping on nails and other sharp objects, and with our cushioned support.
SteelSole® Puncture Resistant Inserts are made from quality materials and built to last. They are thoroughly tested to meet and exceed the ASTM F2413-11 Resistance Force Standard for Puncture Wound Protection. This includes 270 lbs puncture wound protection.
In order to keep our pricing competitive, we currently only carry four(4) sizes; Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large. Our sizes range from size 7-15 for Men, and 9-17 for Women.

Generally the Medium and Large will fit most men, and the Small or Medium will fit most women. We will be offering more sizes in the future and your request for different sizes and shape modifications will not go unheard. We take all feature requests very seriously and seek to provide the best in Protective Footwear.

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Why Choose SteelSole®?

  • Protection From Sharp Objects Including; Nails, Screws, Glass & Metal
  • Flexible Stainless Steel Insert
  • Exceeds ASTM F2413-11 Minimum Force Resistance of 270 psi
  • Provides the foot protection necessary for sufferers of Diabetes
  • Maximum Foot Protection, Minimum Space In Your Shoe
  • Comfortable & Flexible
  • Orthotic Arch & Heel Support
  • Qualty Protection At An Affordable Price
  • Transforms Shoes/Boots Into Comfortable, Puncture Resistant Footwear